Right-Now Rigging 

Oh no! You want to jump this weekend, but your reserve is out of date! Can this tragedy be averted so you can get some quality sky time? The answer is: Maybe!

Our full-time rigging loft may very well be able to accommodate your right-now repack request, depending on their current workload. If you need your repack completed in less than a week, please give our riggers a call at 281-369-3337 to see if your rig can fit in their schedule. And next time, you might want to check our online repack calculator to plan further ahead. 😉

Our rush and rig storage fees have recently changed, so make sure to check out our current rigging work order form online for the latest rates. Also, it’s a great idea to print this form ahead of time, fill it out, and drop it off with your rig to save time at Spaceland. If you need to find this form in the future, just see the “experienced” link on our website (which describes all Spaceland policies for experienced jumpers) and scroll to the Rigging section.

Did you know that our loft is full-service? We can handle routine assemblies, repacks of square/round reserves in sport and bailout rigs, many customizations/upgrades, and nearly any repair your gear or jumpsuit may require from harness repair and canopy patches to jumpsuit knee/butt pads. If you want it, there’s a good chance we can do it! Check with our riggers on-site or call them at 281-369-3337 to discuss the work you need done.

Keep your riggers happy! Remember: No shoes in the loft!