Skydive Spaceland Competitive Teams

Skydive Spaceland is home to several medal-winning and up-and-coming competitive teams, including some world record holders! Here are a few of our most recent team accomplishments. If you are interested in forming a team at Skydive Spaceland, we’d love to talk to you! Contact Stephen and check out our team jump rates below.

Spaceland Lite

  • 4-Way Formation Skydiving Silver Medalists, FAI Indoor Skydiving World Cup 2014
  • 4-way Advanced Gold Medalists, 2011 USPA Nationals
  • 8-Way Intermediate Bronze Medalists (with Spaceland Mamba), 2011 USPA Nationals
  • 4-way AAA Class Gold Medalists, 2011 Dallas Super Cup
  • 4-way AAA Class Gold Medalists, 2011 Texas Showdown
  • 4-way Advanced Bronze Medalists, 2010 USPA Nationals
  • 4-way AAA Class Gold Medalists, 2010  Texas Skydiving League
  • 2015 roster: Devon Shows, Katrina Shows, Dave Grabowski, Christy West, Jorge Alvarez (alt), Cory Kossan (v)
  • More info:

Spaceland Lite 2011



  • 4-way intermediate Gold Medalists, 2014 USPA Nationals
  • Stacey Curry, Jorge Alvarez, Laura Reed, Janus Hyder, Brad Curry (alt), Matt Sandt (v)



  • 8-way Intermediate Gold Medalists, 2011 USPA Nationals
  • 2011 roster: Thomas Jenkins, Jorge Alvarez, Joseph Wood, LJ Wobker, Brad Curry, Stacey Curry, Mariuschka Lovera, Kelly Woods, Brittany Sanchez (v)
SPX8 2011


Deguello 17

  • 16-way Bronze Medalists, USPA Nationals, 2009-2014 (and many other years)
  • 16-way Silver Medalists, USPA Nationals (2008, 2006, 2005, …)
Deguello17 2011

Spaceland Anomaly

Spaceland Anomaly

  • Freefly Open Gold Medalists, USPA Nationals (2005-2006)
  • U.S. Freefly Team, 2004-2007
  • Freefly World Record Holders, 17 points in time (2007)

Spaceland Mamba

  • 4-way Intermediate Silver Medalists, 2010 USPA Nationals

Spaceland Havoc

  • 4-way Advanced Bronze Medalists, 2009 USPA Nationals


Competitor Rates *

Team jump

Price per slot

Freestyle with video 
($52 if freestylist covers video slot)
2way with video 
($39 if formation flyers split video slot)
4way with video 
($32.50 if formation flyers split video slot)
8way with video
($29.25 if formation flyers split video slot)
16-way with video
($27.63 if formation flyers split video slot)
* Prices for experienced skydivers with their own gear jumping from any altitude up to 14,000 feet. Have questions? Ask Stephen

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