Skydivers Over Sixty World Sequential Record

On January 17th, two weeks after the original date was rained out, 19 Skydivers over Sixty (years of age) set a new World Record at Skydive Spaceland in Rosharon, Texas. Nineteen jumpers completed two points (two separate skydiving formations) to set the new Skydivers Over Sixty (SOS) world large-formation sequential record on the fourth try of the day.

One SOS diver noted that the jumpers in the plane had a collective age of well over 1200 years old… Jump stories were exchanged while climbing to altitude, such as jumping from paradactyls, babysitting for Moses and dating Cleopatra…

The record organizer was Rick Poplinger and the jumps technicians were George Nisson and Mark Pharr. Mark as well as Wendy Parrish and Marian Sparks were new to the SOS organization. This was their first event with the Skydivers over Sixty, which turned out to be quite an eventful one.

Now that this record has been set, several of the jumpers are looking forward to participating in the upcoming formation record attempt at Elsinore, California.

By Rick Poplinger

Skydivers Over Sixty 19-way, first point
Skydivers Over Sixty 19-way, first point
Skydivers Over Sixty 19-way, second point
Skydivers Over Sixty 19-way, second point

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  1. My cousin Art Barchie is in this group. Growing up he was my super hero and the man I most wanted to be like. He continues to be my hero, 7 kids, a pilot, and an adventurer, a loving
    Dad and winner in my family!

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